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Apply to OUHSC

How to Apply

  • Submit the Application(s) for Admission
    • Many programs require the submission of an application through a central application service (AMCAS, NursingCAS, PharmCAS, etc.) Regardless of this requirement, all prospective students must also submit the OUHSC application.
    • Whether you are applying to our University for the first time, adding a program to a current application, or reapplying for a new calendar year, you will use the same online application.
    • The program you will apply for will assess a fee for the application. Note: McNair Scholars should contact an Admission Officer to discuss the refund/waiver process.
    • Use the drop-down menu under "Requirements by Program" to discover application requirements and costs.
  • Submit Transcripts and Supporting Materials
    • Applications are considered incomplete until all applicable documents, including official transcripts and test scores, are received by the Office of Admissions and Records.
    • The additional materials needed

Requirements by Program

Use the dropdown below to discover required applications, tests, and costs associated with each program.